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Earlier this year, I asked Julia Crystal if she would entertain the idea of recording a cover of Enya’s “Only Time” and to my surprise, she said yes and recorded it! I only found out after I wrote this review that she wanted to record this song years earlier, but other projects she was working on delayed the recording. Thankfully, when I asked her, the timing was right. She said everything felt familiar and that it was an invigorating and magical experience.

When I first heard Julia sing some years back, I couldn’t help thinking how this girl from Ipanema reminded me of Enya with her soothing and silky smooth vocals. On November 19, I was pleasantly surprised with her first mixed version of “Only Time” in MP3 format. The next day, she sent me the WAV version and the differences were amazing!

Julia created an extremely delicate ethereal experience using her vocal instrument to create complex harmonies that feel to perfect for our world. Her version of Enya’s Celtic New Age masterpiece evokes a tranquilizing and calming effect with her breathy, Brazilian Portuguese “touch”. It left me in a state of pure bliss and felt like a warm wave flowed through my entire body as her harmonies came in, one after another, with each layer building upon and complimenting the previous one.

Julia, you stimulated my senses in unforeseen ways and when the bridge came, you created a panoply of sounds with delicate and colorful textures, like a wind-breathing pipe organ. In that moment, I was emotionally moved by the power and palpable vibrations you produced. “Who can say why your heart sighs, as your love flies, only time…

The healing power in this recording is immensely powerful. I waited a lifetime to hear something this beautiful. Listen, but listen with headphones and then you will understand why I am overwhelmed and proud of Julia’s interpretation of Enya’s masterpiece.

Now for a little background into this recording. Julia recorded all of the vocals in her studio during the evening hours.

On the first day, she recorded the main voice multiple times, in perfect synchronicity to achieve the effect of several people singing in perfect unison. Next, she “formed” the choirs; keeping everything similar to Enya’s, but with her own creative touch to produce the unique vocal arrangements that you hear.

On day 2, with a sharp ear, Julia listened to each recorded voice and fine tuned every track as necessary.

On day 3, she organized the tracks and delivered them to Alex Voorhees to mix.

Julia Crystal is creating music videos on Patreon and as her first Patron, I am personally inviting you to join me and become a part of her musical journey. There are literally millions of Patrons funding over $1 Billion Dollars for creator’s projects on Patreon. Julia records her vocals in her private studio, she produces and edits all of her videos, and personally manages all of her social media pages. This song and video are proof that as Patrons, “we” are the catalysts that fuel the most beautiful creative spirit in the artists we love.

Julia, você excedeu minhas expectativas e me comoveu de maneiras que nunca imaginei serem possíveis. Obrigado com todo o meu coração.

Since 2008, I have funded and worked with over 20 artists from all over the world on various platforms and having gained this experience, I will promise you that when you sponsor Julia on Patreon, she will never let you down. She puts her heart and soul into her work and it is important to her that [we], as her Patrons, are happy with the end result.

I love this lady from Ipanema dearly. Her work ethic is at the highest level and I am proud and feel incredibly blessed that she is a Wolf Pack Music recording artist! When you support her…you too, will become an integral member of the Wolf Pack family and we will all love you as family.

I promise.



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  1. Aw… Thank you very much Russ, for you amazing words about me and this new music/video!! I feel honored to be able to sing something you chose for me! ❤ Yes, you chose a track that was already in my heart. You made this a reality! Gratitude! A big hug ❤❤❤

    1. Post

      I love everything. Absolutely everything! I knew in my heart, this would be the perfect song for you and not only did you, Barbara, and Alex create something very special; but I actually like your version better than the original. I don’t say this lightly, because I love Enya’s music. It is obvious that you put your heart and soul into the recording and the video and now, you will forever be immortalized with this ethereal and paradisiacal masterpiece.

      From the bottom of my heart…thank you Julia! A BIG Hug back! ❤❤❤

  2. Thank you very much Russ, for your amazing words about me and this new music/video!! I feel honored to be able to sing something you chose for me! ❤ Yes, you chose a track that was already in my heart. You made this a reality! Gratitude! A big hug ❤❤❤

  3. Hello Lou Julia. It is a wonderful composition of love, charming and beautiful full of tenderness. It’s nice that you exist. I send you a lot of love and light to your heart. ❤️❤️❤️🤗🥰🌷

    1. Hello, Russ ☺ I remember the first time I heard this beautiful music by Enya … So it was hundreds of times … You chose the perfect song for me to feel this feeling of always being remembered through a song … Some tracks are like that , we can listen forever …
      Barbara and Alex were perfect in the details. And you helped me to fulfill this dream with great joy and good vibes.
      From the bottom of my heart … thank you Russ, your words make me smile! Big Hug back! 💖💖💖

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