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A Magical Moment

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In all my years of supporting and promoting The Pack artists, I cannot recall ever seeing anything like this.  It brought a tear of joy to my eye.

Rebecca was hanging out with some friends in the UK enjoying some rare “free” time during her busy tour schedule, and then this happened…

Julia, the young lady singing, is not a professional singer; but a fan of Rebecca Hosking.  For me, to see the effect Rebecca’s music has on others is so rewarding and this video speaks for itself.  I would have given anything to have been there.

BTW: Rebecca is playing the guitar while Julia sings Rebecca’s original song, “A Woman Still“…how cool is that????

You can hear Rebecca singing this very song on her Pack page at:

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  1. what an incredible night, thank you Wolfie for sharing, Julia is a great friend and the honour was all mine!! she brought tears to my eye the first time I heard her sing it, my cup runneth over!

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  2. Such a lovely thing to say! Am so happy that you liked it and it was a lot of fun. The next question is what will the next song be 🙂

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