Rebecca Hosking – Nashville, USA

Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist
Genre: Traditional Country, Americana Folk, Bluegrass

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  1. One of the best natural country singers, I have heard in many years. Great song writer, Give her a listen and you will be a fan.

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  4. Rebecca’s music has made me happy all year long particularly as I did the paperwork side of my job. It kept my spirits bright as it led my soul along a journey….

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      Yes, I too listen to Rebecca and the rest of The Pack Artists all day, every day while at work. I find that their music really helps me through the day!

  5. Rebecca’s music has accompanied me all year and kept my soul happy & uplifted. Anything I’m feeling finds it’s reflection in one or other of Rebecca’s powerful and deeply feeling songs.

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  6. This is Rebecca Hosking at her finest
    An amazing new album 11 new tracks
    Powerful Sincere words and music from the heart and mind of one of todays truely amazing Singer/Songwriters.
    A must have album for anyones collection.

  7. One year on & I still listen to the music of Rebecca Hosking every day! Just when you think she can’t top ‘this’…. She DOES!

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