Julia Crystal Records “Only Time”

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Earlier this year, I asked Julia Crystal if she would entertain the idea of recording a cover of Enya’s “Only Time” and to my surprise, she said yes and recorded it! I only found out after I wrote this review that she wanted to record this song years earlier, but other projects she was working on delayed the recording. Thankfully, …

Rebecca Hosking - Life Imitating Art

A Magical Moment

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In all my years of supporting and promoting The Pack artists, I cannot recall ever seeing anything like this.  It brought a tear of joy to my eye. Rebecca was hanging out with some friends in the UK enjoying some rare “free” time during her busy tour schedule, and then this happened… Julia, the young lady singing, is not a …

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Many drops make an Ocean

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The beautiful thing about crowdfunding is everyone can contribute, no matter how big or how small; because as the title of this post states, “Many drops make an ocean“. The Internet created many changes to every aspect of our daily lives and with respect to music, it completely changed how we purchase music.  It wasn’t long ago when consumers purchased …

Lana Wolf – “Fireflies in Nasheville”

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My overall impression with “Fireflies in Nashville” is this is an album Lana is proud of and you can hear her celebratory attitude throughout all 12 songs. Anytime you combine Lana Wolf and Michael Lusk…you know it’s going to be good, and it was.  Beautiful chorus in “Where Are You Now“. “No Place Like Home” is a power ballad putting Lana’s …

It’s All About Love

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I am by no means an expert on Latin Music; however, I do enjoy listening to the many flavors Debora Galan’s “All About Love” offers as she eloquently captures the multitude of feelings, states, emotions, and attitudes of that mysterious force we know simply as “Love”.  You get it all with “All About Love“…sexy vocals, Spanish guitar, brass, piano, sax, …

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Patreon & IndieGoGo are Brimming with Talent!

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Patreon & IndieGoGo are Brimming with talent in August as The “W” Lovers and Katie Thompson joined Angie Arsenault on Patreon and Parabola West launched her first crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.  I am happy to report that they are all off to a good start! Patreon.com is a unique platform in that the artists aren’t crowdfunding a single project (which …

Aly Cook and Rebecca Hosking are solidly in the Hot Disc Top 20

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Congratulations to Aly Cook and Rebecca Hosking for climbing up to the #4 and #10 positions in the Hot Disc Top 20! Hotdisc started in 1999 and is one of the most successful media companies in Europe providing content for TV & Radio companies. It is the leading promotional company for Country music in Europe via its Rush Released imprint. …

Rebecca Hosking picked up by Clear Channel

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Rebecca Hosking just released a new Single titled “Tonight” and it has gained the attention of Radio stations in the UK and the United States. Clear Channel (the nation’s biggest radio station owner), iHeart Radio (an Internet radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc.), and Department stores across the US will now be adding Rebecca’s “Tonight” to their rotation and you …

Billboard Charts

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ATTENTION! SoundScan and Nielsen are expanding the avenues of music sources they are using to determine the top selling songs and albums in the Billboard charts and we have an opportunity to create a buzz for a very deserving artist…Miss Lori Greco. Recently, the Australian Songwriters Association awarded Lori with 1st Place in The Spiritual category for her song, “The …