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Welcome to the Wolf Pack Music website.  Currently, we are in the process of building out our new website; HOWEVER, while we are revamping the site; please take a moment to explore these contests and projects.  Here, on the Wolf Pack Website, you will find original music written and performed by an amazing group of exceptionally talented and gifted international musicians.

2014Independent musicians do not have the luxury of corporate sponsorship; but, for those of us who appreciate pure, raw talent…the best way we can show our belief in them is by investing in their music through crowd funding projects.  Basically, when you support artists on crowd funding sites, you are simply pre-ordering their next album and the beauty is that as an investor, you will hear the album before anyone else.

BONNIE is a Pop/Rock band from Uruguay and they are currently raising $5,000 to produce their next album.   Heavy metal sounds from 80’s bands such as AC/DC fused with pops sounds much like ABBA, are what sets this band apart from the rest.

When you visit their IndieGoGo project, you will find 2 videos from the “BONNIE LIVE” project, which was a sold out concert in Montevideo, Uruguay.  The music in the videos speaks for itself…this is an up and coming band worthy of our support.

In their first 10 days of the project, people from the US (me included), Europe, South America, and New Zealand have propelled them to over 20% of their goal.  This is an amazing group that will leave you wanting to hear more.  Please visit their project and support them with your investment…become a part of their next album and be the first to hear their new songs!  Click the photo to go to the project.





Angie Arsenault, musician/songwriter extraordinaire,  started this crowd funding project with her mother, sister, and brother on their own web site.

They are currently 95% funded and have already recorded the music.  They are putting the finishing touches on the album before an anticipated release in August of 2014.

If you would like a physical CD of the album, you have until May 24 to get your order in.  I have invested in and have heard one song from this album and quite honestly…it blew me away!  Hurry!  Invest now, before it’s too late!  This will not be sold in stores, so it is a rare opportunity to get something very special.  Click the photo to go to the project.