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Julia Crystal – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Singer | Songwriter
Genre: New Age, Indie Pop, Classical Crossover

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When I first heard the music of Julia Crystal, without hesitation, images of Enya came into my head as I listened to her “To My Little Star” album. Julia’s vocals share many qualities one finds in Enya’s music; but, she has made the sound her own.

A Journey To Shamballa is a powerful album with complex arrangements featuring thundering drums, haunting guitar, and mesmerizing vocals. Every track truly is an out of body experience, at times leading the listener on a celestial journey and then abruptly detouring with electro pop sounds followed by soothing melodies in a style reminiscent of Spanish acoustic guitar.

Julia and Alex produced an album that takes the listener on a journey around the planet, and as it is written on Julia’s website, ““Shamballa” is a perfect land, mentioned in the sacred books of Hinduism and Budism, in which reside masters of supreme knowledge, where happiness reigns with a luring and enchanting music, peace and love. A kind of paradise right here on Earth but invisible to the eyes.

Prepare yourself. You are about to go on a hypnotic journey and you may never want to leave…

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A Journey to Shamballa

Track List:

1. A Journey to Shamballa
2. Last Day on Earth
3. Starlit Mermmaids Call
4. The Daughter of the Poet
5. Sharing My World
6. Gitana
7. Beyond the Myth of Shangri-la
8. For All Women
9. Heaven’s in Trance
10. Bhaja Sri Krishna
11. Earthlings
12. Shamballa’s Rising

Album credits

Produced by: Alex Voorhees
Recorded At Voorhees Mobile Studio, between May and December, 2013 in Búzios and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Recorded and Mixed by: Alex Voorhees.

Julia Crystal: Vocals and backing vocals
Alex Voorhees: Keyboards, All Programming Drums and Synths.

Special Guests:
Carlos “Tayo” Pardal: Guitar on “A Journey to Shamballa”
Fábio Machado: Bass on “A Journey to Shamballa” and “Starlit Mermaids Call”*
Pedro Santos: Bass on “Last Day on Earth”.
George Antoniadis: Bass on “The Daughter of the Poet”
George Aspiotis: Guitar on “The Daughter of the Poet”
Alex Navar: Uilleann Pipes and Tin Whistle on “Gitana”
Paulo Rogério Viana: Flamenco guitar on “Gitana”
Kevin Ohlsson: Keyboards and programming on “Shamballa’s Rising”
Marcelo Val: Bass on “Gitana” and “Beyond the Myth of Shangri-La”
Kevin Shortall: Acoustic Guitar on “Beyond the Myth of Shangri-La”
Tiago Connall: Percussion
Rodrigo Alves: Guitar solo on “Beyond the Myth of Shangri-La”

Female Speech on “For All Women” by: Monica Brandão, Barbara Angel, Meryem Sadik, Zelia Angel, Rosane Zago with text written by themselves.
Male Speech on “Earthlings” and “Starlit Mermaids Call” by: Alex Voorhees.

Lyrics Revision: Ciarán O’Neill.
Artwork by: Jean Michel at Designations.

All Rights Reserved©

Released 2015

To My Little Star

Track List:

1. Tears of Allah
2. The Eyes of the Moon
3. Supernova
4. L’amour Vient Tout Changer
5. To My Little Star
6. Hear Your Voice
7. Angeline
8. Hear Your Voice (Remix)
8. Lágrimas de Areia (Bonus Track)

Album credits
All vocals by Julia Crystal
All arrangements and synths by Alex Voorhees
Guitar on “L’amour Vient Tout Changer” by Maurício Blues Biango

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mauricio Blues Biango, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Artwork by Julia Crystal

Produced by Lauro C.Queiroz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 2009.
All rights reserved ©

Release Date: Nov 12, 2013