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Debora Galan - "All About Love"

Debora Galan – “All About Love

I am by no means an expert on Latin Music; however, I do enjoy listening to the many flavors Debora Galan’s “All About Love” offers as she eloquently captures the multitude of feelings, states, emotions, and attitudes of that mysterious force we know simply as “Love”.  You get it all with “All About Love“…sexy vocals, Spanish guitar, brass, piano, sax, bongos, and so much more.  This truly is a fine album I highly recommend to anyone who appreciates perfection with Latin underpinnings.  My music catalog is much richer now!

Unconditional Love” opens the album with an up tempo Latin rhythm beat with Cuban sounds of drums and brass and then the romantic flavors gently roll in with “Arms of Love” and an absolutely gorgeous display of vocal perfection.

Close your eyes with “So This is Love” and let the Caribbean drums set the mood.  Love the guitar and big horn sounds as the song moves into a sassy piano piece.

I’ve always appreciated and admired how good music is capable of crossing language barriers and “Luz Del Sol” and “A Esto Llamas Amor” do just that…you do not need to understand Spanish to move and groove to these songs…they grab you and pull you in!

As you listen to “Love Sublime“, you will certainly be mesmerized by Debora’s incredibly angelic and beautiful vocals.  The lyrics flow gently back and forth with the melody and the way she finishes the notes are simply hypnotic.

This is a 10-song album with a bonus track in Spanish of “So This is Love” and I don’t want to ruin Debora’s surprise for everyone; but, I do hope my thoughts and impression of this fantastic album entices you to explore her music. You will not be disappointed…only happier and richer that you added her to your music collection.

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      You are a finely tuned professional Debora and it shows in “All About Love”, so it was my pleasure to share my thoughts with the readers. You’re welcome 🙂

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