Natalia Safran – Los Angeles, USA

Singer | Songwriter
Genre: Pop, Sound Track, Alternative

Singer, Songwriter, Model, and actress Natalia Safran and her brother Mikolaj Mick Jaroszyk, released their crowdfunded debut album, “High Noon” to enthusiastic fans in Europe and the United States and are now busy promoting and enjoying the success of this great album.

Over the years, Natalia has been keeping herself busy as a professional model and actress; but now, she and her brother are enjoying success with their true passion…music.  “High Noon” was recognized as a fan favorite right out of the gates, when it premiered in Poland and catapulted Natalia to the top of the Polish radio charts ahead of Adele, Coldplay, and Florence and The Machine.  As a true testament to the quality of this album, “All I Feel Is You“, “Say Goodbye“, and “Hey You” found their way onto the soundtracks of some well-known Hollywood movies.

Grab yourself a glass of wine and sit back and chill out to Natalia’s sample of songs, as well as her official music video from “Hours“, starring Paul Walker – Founder of Reach Out World Wide.  Be sure to visit Natalia’s website using the link at the top of the page, where you will find many dance remixes and other music videos.

High Noon

Track List:

1. Big Wave
2. All I Feel Is You
3. Rockets Fly
4. Game
5. Wonderboy
6. The One For Me
7. Free Your Mind
8. Falling
9. Say Goodbye
10. Far From Home
11. Hey You

Album credits

All songs written by Mikolaj Mick Jaroszyk and Natalia Safran

Produced by Mikolaj Mick Jaroszyk and Natalia Safran
Recorded by Mikolaj Mick Jaroszyk, Kostek Andreeve, and Kiran Shahani
Mastered by Jacek Gawlowski at JG Master Lab

“Big Wave” and “Free You Mind” arranged and co-produced by Kiran Shahani (Supreme Beings of Leisure and Bitter:Sweet)
All tracks except “Big Wave” arranged by Kostek Andreeve
All tracks except “Big Wave” and “Free Your Mind” co-produced by Kostek Andreeve
“Hey You”, “Wonderboy”, “The One For Me”, “Game”, “Rockets Fly”, “Far From Home”, and “Say Goodbye” mixed by Rafal Paczkowski at P.I.Y Studio
“Big Wave”, “Falling”, “Free Your Mind” mixed by Rob Chiarelli at Final Mix (Madonna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Shakira)

Natalia Safran: Vocals
Mikolaj Mick Jaroszyk: Guitars, Vocals
Kiran Shahani: Programming on tracks “Big Wave” and “Free Your Mind”
Kostek Andreeve: Bass, Keyboards, Guitars on all tracks except “Free Your Mind” and “All I Feel Is You”, Mandolin on “Game”, and Programming on all tracks except “Big Wave”
Michael Railo Railton: Piano on tracks “Hey You” and “Far From Home”
Rob Chiarelli: Bass on “Big Wave”

Design: Natalia Safran
DTP: Lukasz Hauza
Photography: Robin Ganter
Hair & Make-up: Claudia Humburg

Cinematography by Dan Kneece (Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks)

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