Katie Thompson – Christchurch, New Zealand

Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist
Genre: Kiwi Roots, Pop, and Country


New Zealand South Island “West Coaster” Katie Thompson, brings expressive and colorful melodies to life with her breathy, warm and captivating vocals. Her acoustic guitar technique completes her sound with a naturally smooth, mellow, and full bodied Timbre.

Katie describes her music as, “Kiwi – roots, pop, and country…an amalgam of the influences I’ve grown up with.”  It’s a formula that is uniquely her own and it’s a recipe that works, because after self-funding her debut album, “Tall Poppy“, she had great success crowding-funding her 2nd Album, “Impossible” and her first EP, “Moving On“, along with a hand full of music videos.  The icing on the cake is that she was able to produce her latest albums with International input.

“Katie Thompson is a classic country singer/song writer from what is probably Nashville’s most remote satellite, New Zealand. Katie exhibits her own sense of style, opting for cocktail dresses over blue jeans as she leads her accomplished band through a repertoire of classic country tempered by her Kiwi upbringing.

Her vocal delivery is intimate in the vein of classic story tellers like Emmy Lou Harris and Patsy Cline. Katie doesn’t deal in pyrotechnics or phony gospel riffing. She just tells a story as if she were talking over the back fence and her fresh sincerity is her most engaging quality.”

Bottom – End
Pete Strobl

Artists that influence Katie’s style of music are Lucinda Williams, Kasey Chambers, Alison Krauss, Eva Cassidy, Anika Moa, the Runga sisters and many more.  There is no denying Katie’s country roots, but there are many other genres that have woven their way into her music.

Moving On (EP) “Live at Quicksand Studios”

All songs written by Katie Thompson with the exception of “Dead In The Water” by Rob Joass

Track List:

1. I’ll Be Fine
2. Moving On
3. A Long Time Ago
4. Should’ve Said No
5. Dead In The Water

Produced by Greg Haver
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Poortman
Recorded at Quicksand Recording Studios

Katie Thompson: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Andrew Taylor: Lead Guitar
Dan Antunovich: Bass
Greg Haver: Drums

Special in studio guests: Jacob, Lynda, Lochie, Glenda, Mark, Angela, Sylvia, Wayne, Nathan, and Shirley

Cover Photo by Laura Tait
Group Photo by Hera Hjartardottir
Graphic Design by Emma Cameron
Hummingbird Illustration by Clint Murphy


All songs written by Katie Thompson with the exceptions of:

Roll In Tide – Bobby Kennedy
Fading Fast – Richard Griffiths
Wild Weather – Philippe McMurdo

Track List:

1. Impossible
2. Always Present
3. Good As Gold
4. Curious Disgrace
5. Roll In Tide
6. Keep Your Memory
7. Cruel To Be Kind
8. Fading Fast
9. Wanted You To Call
10. The Penny Drops
11. Wild Weather

Produced by Greg Haver for Stephen Budd Management (http://www.record-producers.com)
Engineered and Mixed by Clint Murphy
Assitant Nick Poortman

Recorded and mixed at Modern World Studios, Tetbury, UK.
Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound New York

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Omnichord – Katie Thompson
Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, and Harmonium – Chris Thompson
Electric Guitars – Andy Taylor
Bass – Dan Antunovich
Drums and Percussion – Greg Haver

String Arrangements – Andrew Walters
Violins – Joanna Walters, Andrew Walters, William Hillman
Violas – Bernard Kane, Simon Howes
Cello – Nathan Stone
Double Bass – Anthony Cleaton

Gang Vocals on “Good As Gold” – Katie Thompson, Chris Thompson, Ellie Williams, Henry Williams, Greg Haver

Photography: Lydia Nimmo
Graphic Design: Jason Blair
of Stewart Nimmo Photography

Tall Poppy

All songs written by Katie Thompson with the exceptions of:

Karamea Cowboy – Geoff Farmar
Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
Is It Ever Gonna Change – Phil Doublet

Arrangements by Katie Thompson and Dean Hetherington

Track List:

1. Do It Today
2. Karamea Cowboy
3. Tall Poppy
4. Gone
5. Monteiths On Tap
6. Tears Me Down
7. Is It Ever Gonna Change
8. Better Left Unsaid
9. Not The One For You
10. Folsom Prison Blues
11. This Is Goodbye
12. A Long Time Ago (Acoustic)

Digitally Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Ryan Neville at Voodoo Music Studio Limited, Christchurch, New Zealand 2008/2009
Assitant Engineer, Jenny Ratcliffe

Katie Thompson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Keyboard
Dean Hetherington: Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass, BVs
TC Wells: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass, BVs
Chris Thompson: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar

Photography: Lydia Nimmo
Hair: Sara Thompson
Makeup: Carla Grant
Graphic Design: Jason Blair
Poppy Artwork: Richard Penrose

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