Kat McDowell – Los Angeles, USA

Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist
Genre: Pop, Ocean Pop


Kat McDowell blends elements of pop, rock, and folk to create a high-spirited and cheerful sound that is recognizably her own.  As a multi-cultural artist raised in Japan and New Zealand, she offers up a light-hearted, fresh, and airy sound, free of distractions with her vivacious and enthusiastic performances.

Kat now calls Los Angeles her home and when she isn’t playing gigs throughout the greater Los Angeles area or touring Japan, New Zealand, or other International destinations, chances are, you’ll find her chilling out at the beach with her Ukulele or surfing some rad waves.

Kat McDowell is a singer and songwriter who plays the Ukulele, guitar, and at times, composes new music on a piano.  She sings in English and Japanese and delivers emotionally powerful and moving melodies.

Have a listen to her playlist below.

Rise Above

Track List:

1. Hopeful
2. Still Learning How To Start
3. Lovely Day
4. Goodbye
5. A Little Rain
6. Human
7. A Reason To Walk Away
8. Dianna
9. Final Win
10. Still Learning How To Start (Japanese Version)

Album credits

All songs written by Kat McDowell, with Travis Graham co-writing “Still Learning How To Start“, both versions

Tracks 2,3,6,9 & 10 recorded and produced by Travis-Atreo at Junction Studios, Los Angeles
Tracks 1,4,5 & 7 recorded and produced by Nic Manders at Wairiki Studios, Auckland, New Zealand

Other Guest Musicians:
Final Win” Guitar solo played by Ken Belcher
Dianna” instrumental recorded by Tsuyoshi Ogihara at Studio Favre
Electric Guitar: Masa Suda
Bass: Buffalo
Drums: Yuji Kasahara
Dianna” vocals recorded by Toshi Yamazaki at KRH Studio, Harajuku

All Tracks mixed by Nic Manders
Mastered by Yasuji Maeda (Bernie Grundman Mastering)
Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studio, Tokyo

Album Artwork by Tomikichi (www.tomikichi.com)
Photography by Masaki
Kat McDowell Management by Masaki at Silvertree Management

Hope In You

Track List:

1. Time
2. 3.11
3. Treasure (Japanese)
4. Everywhere I Go
5. Not Alone (Japanese)

Album credits

All songs written by Kat McDowell

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