Gisel de Marco – Rosario, Argentina

Singer | Songwriter
Genre: Pop, Up Tempo, Ballads

Gisel sings about love and when you read her lyrics, you get a sense of what to expect; but when you hear her sing…she will leave you wanting to hear more! The passion she injects into every song is incredibly powerful; and then, when you hear her riffs…her “soft” wispy voice…the super high notes she hits…and the power with which she delivers her message…you know this is an artist that will soon be recognized around the world…and it starts with her debut album.

When I first heard Gisel carry the “Roma” note in her soft wispy voice…that sound was stamped in my memory for life. The orchestra provides the foundation for this beautiful melody and is the perfect introduction to Gisel’s beautiful and reassuring vocals. The bridge is powerful…you will experience her determination in this unbelievable climax!

When Gisel first wrote “All The Way”, she fell in love with it. The melody expressed the deepest feelings coming from within her and through this song, she shares everything she experienced over the course of many difficult years. It has a deep and personal meaning to her. It helped her get through the bad times and gave her the strength she needed to keep fighting for her dream. As the title track to her debut album, “All The Way” is her personal expression of those struggles and her refusal to never give up.

All The Way

All songs written by Gisel de Marco

Track List:

1. I’ll Never See You Again
2. Reach The Sky
3. I Found You
4. Thinking of You
5. I Wish I Could Fly
6. Not Enough of a Man
7. Sweet Condemnation
8. What People Say
9. Roma
10. I Want To Know
11. Until You’re Back
12. All The Way

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Marcus Bishop of Quantum Leap Studios in Dover, UK(
Additional Engineering by Dan Lucas
Mastered by Paul Grundman of Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA
Sellaband A&R: Adam Sieff
Music & Lyrics by Gisel de Marco

Gisel de Marco: Vocals, Backing Vocals, & BV Arrangements
Marcus Bishop: Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Production, & Programming
Dave Patrick: Electric Guitars
Jonathon Burrow: Piano
Chris Wong: Electric-Acoustic Guitars, String Arrangements, & Programming
Steve Hall: Bass
Strings: The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Hernando
Rox Clayton Scott: Backing vocals & Production

Photography: Benjamin Furland,Bueno Aires,Argentina (
Assistants: Mara Alfonso and Ivanna Ienco
Make up and Hair: Guillermo Fridman
Video: Ajejandra Aubone

Graphic Design: Marcelo Pais (

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