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Gayle Skidmore – San Diego, USA

Singer | Songwriter | Pianist | Guitarist
Genre: Electronic Swing, Indie Rock, Classical


In this BIG Internet-connected world of ours, we sometimes find hidden jewels and thankfully, I found Gayle Skidmore via a friend from Italy. Thank you Laura!

Gayle is an amazing find with these notable accomplishments to her credit:

  • She is a seven-time San Diego Music Award nominee who won Best Singer-Songwriter in 2013 and followed it up the Best Pop Album in 2014
  • Gayle was classically trained on the piano beginning at the tender young age of 4 and has written over 2000 songs since she began songwriting at the age of 8.
  • Her song, “Paper Box” was featured on HBO’s new show “Looking.”
  • Gayle is multi-instrumental, meaning that she plays at least 20 instruments, including the mountain dulcimer, banjo, folk harp, and balalaika.
  • In 2014, her cover of “Lola” by The Kinks, a collaboration with Brandon O’Connell of Singing Serpent, was placed on a national commercial.
  • She has co-written ads for Facebook, Target and many others, and was featured on Time Warner Cable’s SoCal Beat and was named one of the San Diego Union Tribune’s Faces to Watch in 2014.

Gayle actively tours the United States, Asia, and Europe, and has opened for the likes of Jason Mraz, Lisa Loeb, Sean and Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek, Sam Phillips, Grant-Lee Phillips, Coeur d’Pirate, and many others.

Keep your eyes open for this lady, because she could be coming to a venue near you!

Sleeping Bear

Track List:

1. Sickle In The Shade
2. Don’t Let Me Go
3. Whiskey & Cigarettes
4. Tourniquet
5. Pendulum
6. Little Bird
7. Field of Marigolds
8. Sleeping Bear
9. Technicolor Ghost
10. Come Back To Me
11. The Wilds
12. Zombie Heart

Album credits

Produced by: Ben Moore and Gayle Skidmore
Recorded and Mixed by: Ben Moore
“The Wilds,” “Zombie Heart,” and “Field of Marigolds” were recorded by Matt Curreri and Ben Moore

All Strings arranged by Gayle Skidmore, Ben Moore, and Chris Fulford-Brown and conducted by Chris Fulford-Brown, except for “Zombie Heart,” which was arranged by Gayle Skidmore, Marta Blalock, and Erdis Maxhelaku.

Live band recording was performed at Audio Design Recording, San Diego, CA, USA

Strings were recorded at Signature Sound, San Diego, CA, USA
Matt Van Allen was the Assistant Engineer for the string session.

The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus was recorded at University Church in San Diego, CA

All other instruments were recorded at Singing Serpent, San Diego, CA, USA

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering

Coloring Book design by Randall Christopher
Album design by Victor John Martinez
Edited by Mason Tripp
Illustrations by Gayle Skidmore

All music and lyrics by Gayle Skidmore ©2013

Released 2013

Make Believe

Track List:

1. Set Me Free
2. Hollow
3. Remember
4. Annabelle
5. Bad For Me
6. Paper Wings
7. Nightingale
8. Firecrackers
9. Turn Up The Radio
10. Promise
11. Paper Box
12. Honey I’m Sorry
13. Zion
14. Make Believe

Album credits
All lyrics and music by Gayle Skidmore

“Set Me Free” co-produced and engineered by Aaron Swanton and Preston Parsons
“Make Believe” produced by Gayle Skidmore, co-produced and engineered by Aaron Swanton
All other songs produced by Gayle Skidmore, co-produced and engineered by Preston Parsons

Recorded in San Diego at PK’s, PB Maxx Studios, Beach Town Flat Studios, Columbia Fortress, and Sea Esta Studios.
All songs mixed by Aaron Swanton
Mastered by Joe Goodwin at Capicorn Studios

Illustrations by Gayle Skidmore
Design by Tim Devlin (
Front cover photo by Cesar Peynetti (
Cover Illustration by Gayle Skidmore and Tim Devlin
Back Cover Photo by Tiffani Matsuura (
Back Cover illustration by Tim Devlin

Sea Boot Cafe Publishing ©2007, 2010
Raincoat Records

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