Aryn Michelle

Aryn Michelle – Dallas, USA

Singer | Songwriter | Pianist | Guitarist
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock, Christian, Folk

Aryn Michelle is an Alt-pop/rock songstress who has been writing and recording her own music since she was 15 years of age.  Initially, she set out to capture the writing styles of contemporary and classic artists like Ben Folds, Elton John, Carole King. Her music is driven by piano and a variety of grooves and influences.

Aryn is a do-it-yourself indie pop songstress who refuses to wait around for her next big break; she makes it happen.  While attending Southwestern University, Aryn released homemade demos of her original music and performed throughout Austin, Texas.  Hungering to become a better songwriter and performer, she enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston to hone her songwriting craft and learn how to engineer and produce her own demos, as well as crowd-fund her recording projects.

While at Berklee, Aryn was honored with the Scott Benson Award for songwriting, and awarded the grand prize in the 2009 Berklee Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign for her song “Crave”. Aryn released her debut album, “Lockless Heart”, in 2009.

Since graduating from Berklee, Aryn’s accomplishments include:

  • Regional finalist for the 2009 & 2011 Mountain Stage NewSong Festival
  • Invited to be one of eight artists to represent the TUNE campaign
  • Named the Texas CSAs 2010 Songwriter of the Year
  • The 2010 KLTYs Chick-fil-a Celebrate Freedom jingle writing contest grand prize winner
  • Top ten finalist in the 2011 Folgers National Jingle Writing Contest
  • The grand prize winner of the 2011 Chevy Sonic Sounds Singer/Songwriter Contest
  • In 2012 she was named a winner of Song Revelations Star Now competition

On August 14, 2015, Aryn released her latest album, “Depth”, one that was three years in the making and one that would take her to a place that wasn’t safe and one that would ask some tough questions.  In her own words, she says, “I don’t want to write songs that are ‘a mile wide and an inch deep’…I want to write about scripture, biblical people, and the Christian experience with theological depth.  I want to ask hard questions and give people a work of art that they enjoy because it not only encourages them, but challenges them as well.  If we as Christians have a desire to embrace art that speaks truth, then it’s going to get messy and complicated because life with Christ is messy and complicated.”

In my humble opinion, Aryn accomplished her objective with “Depth”, because I do believe it will challenge people to grow in their faith as they listen to the tracks on her latest album.  Have a listen to the snippets in her playlist below…you decide.


Track List:

1. Narrow Gate
2. Fight the Good Fight (featuring Derek Webb)
3. Nothing Else Matters
4. Moses
5. Doxology
6. Do the Same
7. Pressing On
8. Road to Heaven
9. Depth
10. Belong to You
11. Romans 12
12. The Sky is Falling

Album Credits:

Aryn Michelle: Lead Vocals
Derek Webb: Featured Vocals – “Fight the Good Fight
Sean Carter: Featured vocals – “Road to Heaven
Art Turner: Piano, Rhodes
Ryan Pool: Organ, Rhodes
Danny Anchondo: Strings, Piano
David Noll: Acoustic Guitar
Zach Balch: Acoustic Guitar
Andrew Supulski: Electric Guitar
Scott Graham: Mandolin, Bowed Electric Guitar, Piano, Percussion
Beau Gatlin: Banjo
Nick Pallarini: Accordian
Jeff Agnew: Pedal Steel
Matt Graham: Bowed Electric Bass Guitar
Tim Powell: Upright Bass
Daniel Paul: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Photography and Graphic Design by Alexis Benitez

Recorded at Valve Studios, Dallas, TX, USA
All songs written by Aryn Michelle

Produced by Daniel Paul
Recorded by Josh Alba and Daniel Paul
Mixed by Mark Wessel
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner

Executive Producers: Lynda Diane Mull, MDWH, and Aryn Michelle

Management: 168 Management (
Released 14 August 2015

Last One Standing

Track List:

1. Last One Standing
2. End of the Renaissance
3. Strike It Up
4. Nomad
5. White and Black
6. Strange Fire
7. Desperate Times
8. Paper Tiger
9. Kindness
10. Genevieve
11. Vulnerable
12. Adam and Eve’s Daughter
13. Alleluia

Album credits

Recorded: Riley Friesen, Coda Record House, Lincoln, NB
Additional recording: Philip Zach
Pre-production assistance: Andrew Stoner, Cole Campbell
Photography: Philip Zach
Mastered: Nathan Dantzler at The Hit Lab
Printed, pressed, and packaged by Digital Media Alliance

Lead vocals: Aryn Michelle
Background vocals: Aryn Michelle, on “White and Black” Cole Campbell, Riley Friesen, Jordan Lenhoff, Justin Schornstein
Piano: Aryn Michelle
Guitar: Sonya Perricone
Bass: Justin Schornstein
Additional bass: Cole Campbell on “Kindness” “Strike It Up” “Vulnerable” and “Desperate Times”
Drums: Jordan Lenhoff
Percussion: Jordan Lenhoff
Violin: Maddy Zani
Cello: Megan Siebe
Organ: Justin Schornstein
Sound design: Riley Friesen, Philip Zach, Justin Schornstein, Aryn Michelle
All songs written by Aryn Michelle
Arranged by Riley Friesen, Aryn Michelle
String and orchestral arrangements: Justin Schornstein
Pre-production songwriting consulting: Mark Simos

Release Date Oct 04, 2011

Lockless Heart

Track List:

1. Lockless Heart
2. Shake Me
3. Heart on a String
4. City Life
5. Amy Beth
6. America
7. Never Was My Own
8. Break Me With Your Hands
9. Who She Was
10. Embraces
11. You Will Sustain
12. I’m Your Wall

Album credits
Produced by Phillip Ferrell for Citywalk Music
Executive Producers: Phillip Ferrell and Aryn Michelle

Lead vocals: Aryn Michelle
Background vocals: Aryn Michelle, Grace Ferrell, Phillip Ferrell, and TJ Brown
Piano: Aryn Michelle
Organ: John Gibson
Violin: Maddy Zani
Guitar: John Taylor
Bass: Justin Schornstein
Drums: Jordan Lenhoff and Jeffrey Holden

All songs written by Aryn Michelle
Arranged by Phillip Ferrell
Additional arrangements: Justin Schornstein and Phillip Ferrell (Amy Beth, Never Was My Own, Who She Was)
Voice and String Arrangements: Phillip Ferrell and Grace Ferrell
Recorded by Phillip Ferrell, The Furnace, Boston MA
Additional Recording by Grace Ferrell and Phil McGowan, Halo, Windham ME
Mixed by Jeff Largent, Mixology Audio, Norwell, MA and Phillip Ferrell

Photography by Brit Woollard Photography
Printed, Pressed, and Packaged by Oasis Disc Manufacturing (
Phillip Ferrell uses Apogee Electronics

Label: True Renaissance
Release Date: May 12, 2009
Recording Time: 40 minutes

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