Angie Arsenault – Montreal, Canada

Singer | Songwriter | Keyboards
Genre: Industrial, Pop, Alternative, Rock

Angie Arsenault is an Acadian francophone who grew up in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada and later moved to Montreal, Canada, armed with her first 4-song EP, “The First Set.”  Having come from a musical family, Angie advanced her knowledge of music while studying Classical music at the Moncton University in New Brunswick and spending her summer breaks singing, acting and dancing in a dinner theatre.  Today, with an EP and 3 albums under her belt, Angie continues her musical journey and shares her gift through private voice lessons at her home studio and a training support system via a website, complete with a blog and a singer’s forum designed to help her students practice at home .

It has always been very important for Angie to keep creative control over her music and image and stories have been an important part of her being.  Her first full-length debut album, “Once upon a dream”, represents a creative process that incorporates her dreams and are often the reason for the existence of her songs.  “I believe the creative process starts with the dreams more than the music,” Angie posits.  “There are always certain dreams or visions that stay with me, and even weeks or months later they’ll still be there like a cloud over my head, and music really helps me put that into perspective and bring it into a more real dimension.  My personal experience of my music is that it transports me, it allows me to feel certain things – it’s a very emotional music.  But for me when I say emotional, it’s not always sad and dark and depressing: there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that’s why it’s a necessary emotional journey.”

In 2011, Angie produced and released her 2nd album, “Shadow Revelations“, a mix of dark, industrial, pop sounds with an emphasis on rhythms and electronic noise, along with her signature melodic vocal harmonies.

Finally, in September 2014, Angie and her family released “The Roots Project“, an Americana Folk album featuring her mother Louise, her sister Melissa, her brother Jonathan, and herself. This was a lifetime goal for this amazingly talented musical family and with the different musical styles and influences each brought to the project, the result is nothing short of spectacular.

The Roots Project

** You will notice there is no price on the player for the individual songs; however, the price for the Limited Edition physical CD is $20.00 and the Digital Download is $8.00.  Simply click the “Buy on Artists Website” button on the player and it will take you to the Roots Project store.

All songs by The Roots Project

Track List:

1. Water
2. Family
3. The Sound of These Memories
4. Chelsea Dawn
5. La Belle Rose
6. I Still Love You
7. Weather My Mind
8. Notre Histoire
9. Reel De Mon Gars
10. Les Couples du Soir
11. Mon Coeur Revient De Guerre
12. We Will Rise Again

Produced by Angie Arsenault
Recorded and mixed by Jean-Pascal Comeau
Mastered by Jean-Pascal Comeau

Louise Arsenault: Fiddle, feet tapping, and guitar
Angie Arsenault: Lead vocals, piano and electronic programming
Melissa Arsenault: Vocal harmonies and percussion
Jonathan Arsenault: Guitar, banjo and vocals

Guest musicians:
Rémi Arsenault: Bass
Pascal Richard: Dobro
Amy Richard: Accordion

Guest singers for family choir on “We Will Rise Again”: Shelley, Giselle, Kim, Brittany, Chelsea, Amy, Nathan and Emma.

Cover Artwork by Sébastien Malherbe
Illustrations by Angie Arsenault
CD Back Photo by Bernice Arsenault

Shadow Revelations

All songs written by Angie Arsenault with the exceptions of:

Lyrics on Aéronotes – Roger Tabra
Lyrics on Lie Soft – Mark Payne

Track List:

1. Testing 1, 2
2. Again & Again
3. Hamartia
4. Lie Soft
5. Shadow Revelations
6. Aéronotes
7. All You Need
8. No Crime
9. Sorry
10. The End Has Come
11. Leave The Light On

Produced recorded, and performed by Angie Arsenault
Mixing and mastering by Jean-Pascal Comeau

Extra vocals on “The End Has Come“: Flaurence DesCôteaux, Marie-Chantal Lambert, Thodrekr Krighammer, and Sandrine Chassine
Featured on Aéronotes: Roger Tabra

Artwork by Sébastien Malherbe
Photography by Benoit Champagne
Make-up by Joanie Darveau

Once Upon a Dream

All songs written by Angie Arsenault
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Cinelli.
Engineers: Patrick Goyette and Gabriel Rondeau

Track List:

1. Intro
2. When I Fall Asleep
3. Sacrifice
4. Interlude 1
5. Turn Around
6. All
7. Shattered Windows
8. Just What I Need
9. Once Upon a Dream
10. Interlude 2
11. Light Light of Mine
12. Voices
13. Something To Believe In
14. The End

Bonus Songs:
On the Train
Ne Pleure Pas

Angie Arsenault: Vocals, Piano & Programming
Gordon Wood: Drums
Jean-François Déry: Bass
Catherine Le Saunier: Cello
Émilie Rabaraona: Violin
Simon Godin: Guitars
Chantal Blanchard: Backing vocals on track 12

Photography: Benoit Champagne
Artwork: Sébastien Malherbe
Photo Shoot Stylist: Chloé Comte
Extra Illustrations: Nicolas Bourges

The First Set Digital EP

All songs written by Angie Arsenault
Produced by Daniel Cineli and Angie Arsenault
Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Cinelli
Artwork graphic design: Sébastien Malherbe

Track List:

1. Merry Go Round
2. Stay
3. No Fairytale
4. Wake Up

Angie Arsenault: Vocals & Piano
Gordon Wood: Drums
Remi Arsenault: Bass
Anne-Marie Cassady: Cello
Simon Godin: Guitars

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