About Wolf Pack Music ©

When was the last time you heard a new artist and fell in love with everything they do? Look no further.  You’ve found some of the most talented musicians in the world, right here.  Although Independent artists from around the world, collectively, they’re known as “The Pack”.

We have most of the major genres covered – from Country, to Jazz, to Rock, to Easy Listening to Adult Contemporary to Electronica. The Pack artists are all Independent artists who come from every corner of the world.  I (Wolfman) found these amazing artists on a crowd funding site back in 2008, and not only did I invest in their music projects, I started promoting them wholeheartedly‎.  Why?  Because everything they do is uniquely their own and they do not have to resort to theatrics or distasteful displays on stage to sell their music…it sells itself.

On every track from each of these musicians – the melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, and lyrics – will capture your ear.  You’ll want to hear more…they’re that good!  Here at Wolf Pack Music, not only will you be introduced to good, clean music… you will be able to explore a treasure trove of music, and any song, could easily become your next favorite.

We hope you enjoy the experience!


About Our Name

Wolf Pack Music was born out of a love for wolves.  You see…when I (Wolfman) started investing in the crowd funding projects of these artists, my screen name was “Wolfman“. 

One day, I received a well-written message from one of the Pack artists, Natalia Safran, and in that message, she was inviting me to explore her crowd funding project, hoping that I would invest.  Towards the end of the message, she wrote how much she would love to be a part of my pack.  That was moment the light bulb lit brightly and it was at that moment, that “The Pack” was born. 

Like a Wolf Pack, we all enjoy the bonds that have formed within our musical family as we all inspire, support, and love each other as any good family would.

Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope you’ll be inspired to share it with your friends and family 🙂